107 Mi Amore – Michael & River

This week we start off our 3 part series talk on dating. Today we talk to Michael & River, get to know a bit about their dating lives. We’ll have more next episode on the dating experiences of the news host Miranda & the interview host Dorian.

Marissa Fucking McCool (For Short)

Today we talk to Marissa Alexa Lennex-McCool. We discuss our experiences podcasting, catching up on projects, love & dating, & some politics & activism. All stirred up into one great conversation! Don’t miss this episode!



Today we speak to Scott Turner Schofield who is an artist to the very core, trailblazing in daytime TV with appearances on The Bold & The Beautiful, as well as; the series of media “Underground TRANSit”, “Debutante Balls”, and “Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps” since 2001. Check out https://www.scotttschofield.com/ for more updates!

Sincerely Signed – Theo

With high school….it can be difficult, but we sometimes have to navigate more turmoil than others when we are also trans. We find Theo today, starting senior year with gumption & a will to make things better for all those who come after!

Episode 103: Sophie Takes On (Take 02)

Sophie is back at it again! This time with a bit of experience under her belt of life with transition and becoming more herself. We chat relationships, gaming, activism, & she even drops the C-Bomb….tho maybe not the one you’re expecting. Don’t miss this episode!

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Episode 102: The New & Improved James Pt 2

James was on previously talking with Caleb but they have moved across the US and they speak on the differences and experiences as well as who they’ve met! Join us to get an update with James as he also performs a piece that will touch your heart.

Check out:   http://findjamesavery.com/

for more on James & their work!

Episode 101: Julia Serano – Subtly Moving Beyond Trans 101 (Musings & Secret Tracks)

On this episode we delve in deep with Biophysicist and “Outspoken” gender author Julia Serano on many topics from Effemimania to Traditional & oppositional sexism & how they work to the identities of those who are nurtured gender creative. We get into it all, but leave room for dessert cause this episode has some sweet tidbits of extra love.

Check out here live show at El Rio in the Bay Area Aug 22nd!

Episode 100: There Is Time

Episode 100 is here! & it’s been a long time coming. Almost 4 years have passed since Caleb Arrrrrrrrring started this project, I am so happy to have come along for the ride. We talk with Miranda about how she came aboard & we have a guest, introducing Sylvia! She is a badass writer, gamer, & wife. So please join us in celebrating 100 episodes!

Episode 99: Miranda Selene & The News

Check out the first sit down conversation with your new news correspondent Miranda Selene! From the depths of the etherweb she comes to tell it like it is to you; we sit down to discuss where she comes from & the topics of today. Stay tuned for this one!

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Ep.098: HIV & Me

Today we delve into a guest who has HIV, recently diagnosed & being treated. How we sometimes feel, resources out there to prevent & treat this epidemic among the trans community & LGBT community at large.