111 Trey Jenkins – Speaking Truth To Power

This week we speak with Trey Jenkins MSW! We find what experiences have shaped him & what he does to help the lives of others. It take a lot to be able to speak up about injustice, to do something to change that everyday….takes something special. We’re proud to have Trey as part of our team with Fund For Empowerment & now with the family here at Beyond Gender. Take a listen!

110 Enter Player 2 – River

A bit of a scale back from our dating series, I talk with our new friend River (from episode 108) in detail about…..well just everything we can think of. This is more a banter of trans folks who are geeky, music nerds. Please join us for a nice chit chat!

109 Dating Now v Dating In Polyworld – Tris and Rose Perspectives

This episode comes a bit late but worth the wait! We have both Tris & (new guest) Rose on to talk dating now and in the polyamorous world. We navigate some common themes and patterns we see or experiences we’ve had 1st had. Check it out!

108 Miranda v Dorian – The Best Of Both Worlds

In this episode we talk about the dating lives of the news & talk host, Miranda & Dorian! We talk dating experience, current go to’s, & how people perceive us when we try to connect.

107 Mi Amore – Michael & River

This week we start off our 3 part series talk on dating. Today we talk to Michael & River, get to know a bit about their dating lives. We’ll have more next episode on the dating experiences of the news host Miranda & the interview host Dorian.

Marissa Fucking McCool (For Short)

Today we talk to Marissa Alexa Lennex-McCool. We discuss our experiences podcasting, catching up on projects, love & dating, & some politics & activism. All stirred up into one great conversation! Don’t miss this episode!



Today we speak to Scott Turner Schofield who is an artist to the very core, trailblazing in daytime TV with appearances on The Bold & The Beautiful, as well as; the series of media “Underground TRANSit”, “Debutante Balls”, and “Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps” since 2001. Check out https://www.scotttschofield.com/ for more updates!

Sincerely Signed – Theo

With high school….it can be difficult, but we sometimes have to navigate more turmoil than others when we are also trans. We find Theo today, starting senior year with gumption & a will to make things better for all those who come after!

Episode 103: Sophie Takes On (Take 02)

Sophie is back at it again! This time with a bit of experience under her belt of life with transition and becoming more herself. We chat relationships, gaming, activism, & she even drops the C-Bomb….tho maybe not the one you’re expecting. Don’t miss this episode!

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Episode 102: The New & Improved James Pt 2

James was on previously talking with Caleb but they have moved across the US and they speak on the differences and experiences as well as who they’ve met! Join us to get an update with James as he also performs a piece that will touch your heart.

Check out:   http://findjamesavery.com/

for more on James & their work!