Ep.016: Be Yourself

In today’s show we feature a particularly insightful interview with a trans woman. Why is passibility important? Should it be? Is it an issue? What can we do about it? Thoughts on these questions and more. Don’t miss this episode!

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Ep.015: HB 2 in North Carolina and 2 Christophers

Special Episode this week featuring an interview with Chris Brook of the North Carolina ACLU (in addition to our regularly scheduled trans story interview.


This week’s news section is all about North Carolina and the HB 2 bathroom (plus other terrible infringement on our rights) bill. We are featuring a very special guest, Chris Brook of the North Carolina American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) about the bill in North Carolina, and the ACLU’s fight against the bill.


After the news, enjoy an interview with a young 23 year old Christopher who is navigating his way through life as a young trans man.